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2011-02-23 20:49:24   I've put Martin's Fermat theorem investigation into the Vault yesterday... please see comments on attached talk page.

Warning: This whole site is heading for the Vault, guys! —NormanNitram

2011-02-24 03:54:25   good move norman. —PerigGouanvic

2011-02-24 03:56:50   PI is at its best when it is biting, like with the BAAS, BSF, wikipedia on climate change.

Hope PI evolves in that direction. —PerigGouanvic

2011-02-24 20:02:42   Yes, we need a 'campaign' ) that suits the site.... I guess that's internet based research and links stuff... 'hot' issues, as our competitor site, The Daily Beast' would say!

But goodness, we aren't short of ideas... trouble is we're not able to follow 'em up! I know I'm struggling, those 'other commitments', blah, blah...

But I'm really going to get that astro page started soon! —docmartin

2011-04-14 13:41:34   See Who's Editing Wikipedia - Diebold, the CIA, a Campaign [WWW]
By John Borland 08.14.07

CalTech graduate student Virgil Griffith built a search tool that traces IP addresses of those who make Wikipedia changes.

On November 17th, 2005, an anonymous Wikipedia user deleted 15 paragraphs from an article on e-voting machine-vendor Diebold, excising an entire section critical of the company's machines. While anonymous, such changes typically leave behind digital fingerprints offering hints about the contributor, such as the location of the computer used to make the edits. —PerigGouanvic

2011-04-27 18:33:49   Re, ZP, ah yes, this is an old story, isn't it? Almost WP misinformation. The interesting question is who is hiding behind those pseudonyms = is there a cabal? Is the CIA running the show, as per most things? —NormanNitram

2011-05-02 16:22:20   ZP? —PerigGouanvic

2011-05-03 19:59:25   QP? —docmartin

2011-05-11 20:03:35   Just to say that although we have been demoted from 'Featured Wiki' status at the factory up the road, we are back on the list of 'past featured wikis', as indeed we ougther be.

INteresting thing is the summary offered for what we get up to here"

'philosophical-investigations an investigative research resource'

I like that! Get investigating wikiwarriors! —NormanNitram

2011-05-15 17:06:37   Who's this new 'Pat' dude then P-A? —NormanNitram

2011-07-09 22:07:32   A reader of 'Mind Games' has pointed out that the great Dr Rapaille, expert in the 'working of the reptile mind' has more than a few over tricks in his closet///

this account might be of interest to Perig, expecially as it is in French!


2011-08-22 04:26:59   Sorry, this Pat dude is creating a wiki in French with me, there might some 'cross-polinization' soon! —PerigGouanvic

2011-08-22 04:28:47   This Pr/Dr Rapaille, an empty shell. Uncool. He conned the mayor of Quebec city, recently... —PerigGouanvic

2011-08-22 18:49:21   ok, that deserves a new investigation : I thought the background color of the site was some greyish color — and i was wrong. The color picker shows that t's pure white, and the style.css file too! Is it because of the green line? the Grey buttons?

2011-08-22 20:42:50   Admins, a short visit to pi-lab, perhaps? [WWW]

2011-08-27 12:39:54   The march of totalitarian reason takes another small step forward over at the Guardian!


Goldacre says here that any action however benign in itself is to be opposed if it may lead to another action that is risky. For example, if you go for a swim and then eat an ice cream, not only is the fatty food 'bad' but so is the bit of exercise... —NormanNitram

2011-09-02 01:35:02   Changes were done to the css in accordance with previous talks (see pi-lab link above). Good to get rid of the green line, isn't it? You may consider the other option :

2011-09-06 10:47:52   The brown in this image is quite neat. P-A, you realise changes of color affect things like colored boxes on exisitng pages? Gotta be careful.... —NormanNitram

2011-09-06 10:48:37   Where's that cartoon from? Quite like it... —NormanNitram

Here: Wikipedia Cabals... but it seems to originate from "deviant ART", see here: [WWW]"here"PerigGouanvic

2011-09-16 12:01:56   Perhaps we should have an astrological investigations button now...? —docmartin

2011-09-19 19:38:35   Perig, if you're around... is there a way to create a tempalte for Ahmed so that he can easily start pages in a subdirectory which are all restricted to him and the editors to read? —docmartin

2011-09-24 17:40:16   This vanilla white effect is kinda growing on me, P-A... —NormanNitram

2011-09-24 17:57:16   I'm adding AndreBriton to the Astrology group - good to get his imput on this. —NormanNitram

2011-09-24 19:30:55   sorry, I missed those recent posts. Back soon —PerigGouanvic

2011-09-24 22:36:48   Perig, any chance of a nice logo for the Astrology pages, while we're pestering you?! —docmartin

2011-09-27 06:05:59   A modified PI logo, you mean? —PerigGouanvic

2011-09-27 06:37:56   Top banner : I tried 6 colours and found that this one was not as bad as the earlier one (vanilla), which itself was not as bad as the previous (the green). I hope everyone can tolerate it, until there's something that strikes us as perfect, if possible. —PerigGouanvic

2011-09-27 06:39:35   revert button can be used for css files as well, Doc, Norman. I did not imagine that it would be so long to find stg to replace the green. —PerigGouanvic

2011-09-27 10:18:50   Actually, Perig , I LIKED the vanilla, loked dead callsy to me... can we have it back?

Re the Rambles, any chance you could create a template, yes, that includes a variation on the PI theme? Or delegate teh visuals to me if you like, but that's maybe the more interesting part!

? to Mark - any more signs in the brewing yet? —docmartin

2011-09-27 15:49:47   Another misundertanding! I came to hate the color because I thought it exasperated you, you know how colours are, apparently always the same... —PerigGouanvic

2011-09-27 15:53:57   a variation of the PI square, just like we did for the vault, etc.? okay, i'll think about it. I mean, i'll be be-thought. hm. —PerigGouanvic

2011-09-27 17:26:38   Vault-esque, yes, actually I can't resist fiddling with it now myself... will post something here later....

Good to see cheery ol' vanilla back! I don't say we can't improve it, but I supsect the contrast was too great against the snow white essays? —docmartin

2011-09-28 16:16:34   yes, "snow white" essays, that's the thing i didn't understand, and still don't, you're referring to those pages where there's no color, only text? —PerigGouanvic

2011-09-28 18:41:09   'Snow white' = I suppose I just meant the whiter our pages go, the more the implied message of 'academic purity' respectability, that sort of thing... —docmartin

2011-11-09 06:13:44   Gift ideas for Christmas :

Theory action figures

Keenly aware of the fluidity of social identities, this 6.5" Michel Foucault waves his baton in poststructuralist style at all challenges. Shrouded in a special removeable French cloak and with a built-in thoughtful head movement, this superb action figure is essential for both professional philosophers and junior postmodernists.

Catalog no. THEOR-02-69-FOU

2011-11-09 12:05:03   But you can't buy 'em... it's a fake - a sham! —docmartin

2011-11-10 19:51:44   quite useful link, but you have to know how to download torrents: [WWW]

2011-11-15 23:44:00   I've just done this page... [How to add images] - where should we put it? In 'Meta', yes, but maybe even in the side bar? Lot's of people have asked about this... —NormanNitram

2011-11-25 18:49:31   Climategate 2.0: New E-Mails Rock The Global Warming Debate

2011-11-25 18:56:44   The Closed, Unfriendly World Of Wikipedia


Discussin will be going on the next days i think —PerigGouanvic

2011-11-25 23:23:16   That one wouldn't load in to my time machine... any bits worth summarising? —docmartin

2011-11-29 00:36:48   Ah, I see the good Dr Sanger has been demonstrating his love of debate again!

He insists phonics is the best because Wikipedia says so, (or something) and doesn't want to hear about 'controversial' aspects, eg it may not work, it seems to add an extra layer of learning to the process of reading, and it certainly seems to be too complex for most children at the age that they, wel, learn to read.

Maybe I should pop over and add a reply - just like old times!

(this is a great summary, I thought, too...

'Why Phonics Instruction Sometimes Fails', [WWW]

2011-11-30 22:46:37   How about a page on 'Language Acquisition' and the child - or those reading issues? —NormanNitram

2011-12-01 23:18:07   Finding : more scientific research on AGW decreases AGW. Good news at last?
The climate may not be as sensitive to carbon dioxide as previously believed

2011-12-03 00:33:18   Yes, the Economist is just rehashing old stuff there... but this paper on language acquisition - makes me wonder. Could it be that a key factor in child learning is how clearly and disticntly parents speak? Because typically the poorer parents will have accents or high-speed talk that make words less distinct in the delivery. If this actually impedes language acquisiton, then children are slightly handicapped.

Conversely, academic parents or professionals speaking standard dialects with 'lecture style' intonation - measured, slower and more careful, no short-cuts! would then give their children not just the obvious 'good language' introduction, but actually promote the more subtle processes in thinking that use language internally.

Something like that anyway!

I think we should start a page, as Norman in his wisdom has suggested above. —docmartin

2011-12-03 07:52:41   Depardieu tells his story about how tomatis changed his life, taught him to hear english by listening to american mother's uterine voices : [WWW]

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