Monday, 3 January 2022

The Meaning of 2022

2019. The Karoo Semi-Desert. Photo by Thomas Scarborough.

by Chengde Chen *


When the face mask is off
A Christmas smile appears 
But you know it is a forced one
With much fearfulness underneath 
The plague persists with craziness 
Bones piling up mountain high
Global warming knocks on the door
Proving it has been too late to stop
The conflict between the superpowers 
Increasingly lead to a world war
Which probably let nuclear power
Decide our joys and sorrows
Three kinds of doom come together
As if to make sure there is no escape
But it is this that gives 2022 meaning –
To test human resilience to the full!

* Chengde Chen: author of Five Themes of Today; The Thought-read Revolution, etc.


Thomas O. Scarborough said...

The poet, as I remember, wrote something along the lines that if it can happen, it will happen. Combining that with the present poem, we hope that human resilience will triumph, but it may not. Unless we return to a simpler civilisation?

Keith said...

A dystopian view of 2022’s pending ‘doom’ and ‘test of human resilience’. The first stanza divines forced smiles and fearfulness. The second stanza divines a plague and bones piling up, along with unstoppable global warming. The third stanza divines a world war among superpowers, going nuclear. Well, on the plus side, only a short twelve months before the apocalyptic ‘test’ is behind us. Let’s hope we make it unscathed, to toast 2023.

Chengde Chen said...

Thanks for the comments, Thomas and Keith. Probably I meant the meaning of the arrival of New Year rather than the meaning of 2022 alone. Twelve months are too short, and too cruel, indeed!

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