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Great Philosophers and their Starsigns 1/Talk

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2012-03-28 21:03:12   Well, you know, it's a start! The next page is the nitty gritty... —docmartin

2012-03-30 17:41:15   I think that astrology has been disliked by people who hate what they can't control; wise philosophers, scientists, religious thinkers have tried to articulate their thinking around the obvious apparent "influence" of planets : as they come to mind : Aquinas, Galileo, Kepler, Macchiavel, Plato...

Bad thinkers and religious dogmatists have tried and succeeded in excluding by decree astrology from religion and from university, but it was to assert the omnipotence of their idea of God or Man. So I would emphasise, personally, that it's all smoke and mirrors, remotely related to irrationality; irrationality is also, is mainly, in the fascist exclusion of large part of reality from the "sayable" —PerigGouanvic

2012-03-30 17:51:35   Concerning : " But astrology is divination. Where tea leaves fall in the bottom of a cup does not 'physically' affect my future either. However, it is quite possible that there could be some significant correlations. Possible, but unlikely. One would need a tea-leaf expert to know. Or there's the ancient Chinese art of throwing yarrow sticks and seeing how they fall - the I Ching. There is no possible way, gravitational or otherwise, that certain arrangements of yarrow sticks could influence events on Earth. But the claim is that certain patterns in the sticks reflect certain patterns in the universe. Patterns that ultimately we are part of."

I wish to reiterate that astrology, contrary to the mancies (tea lives, etc.) most probably involves another type of interaction, that science is in the process of understanding, that we can take from the Sheldrake angle (morphic fields) or from the De Broglie-Bohm angle (Quantum potential = a field that is an integral part of the definition of a particle or set of particles and that is defined only by its shape) —PerigGouanvic

2012-03-30 17:54:05   Mancies are all about shapes, they reflect these quantum potentiale / eidola, yes, but the shape of the solar system is of another order. —PerigGouanvic

2012-04-04 20:17:22   Thanks for the comments, Perig. Yes, there might be a distinction made between astrology and other kinds of divination, particularly as the investigation proper is NOT divination, really, just a claimed 'pattern' whereby certain ways of thinking mesh with birth dates.The thing about astrology as mysterious unknwown force, qua Sheldrake, is that this way of thinking is essentially 'cause and effect'. Same cause, same effect. No? And I don't think astrology IS like that. As you say, conventional language and the 'rules of thought' generally exclude by diktat a whole universe of possibilities.. astrology to me belongs in this 'forbidden' universe and cannot be made acceptable to this one. —docmartin

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