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This page brings method to the madness of the Posts page ...

Violet = Weekly features
Blue = Sunday posts
Brown = Experimentally placed / In preparation

8 August ... Have We Normalised Oppression? ... Bohdana Kurylo
15 August ... Free Will: Has Philosophy Been Eclipsed by Neuroscience? ... Keith Tidman 
21 August ...  Doublethink: Short-Term Slavery
22 August ... Editor's Post ... Martin Cohen
28 August ... Revisiting Anselm's Ontological Argument ... Thomas Scarborough
29 August ... How the Body Keeps Human Nature in Check ... Eugene Alper 
5 September ... Picture Post  No. 16 ... Tessa den Uyl and Martin Cohen
12 September ... Nothing: A Hungarian Etymology ... Istvan Kiraly
19 September ...  - *Keith on Six Imperatives for Syria?
25 September ... Sunday Post ... Thomas Scarborough?
26 September ... Poem ... Chengde Chen
3 October ... Picture Post No. 17 ... Martin Cohen and Tessa den Uyl
10 October ... Kant's Perpetual Peace: Do We Need It? ... Bohdana Kurylo
17 October ... Can We Learn From History? ... Keith Tidman
23 October ... Sunday Post ... Thomas Scarborough
24 October ... Editor's Post ... Martin Cohen 
31 October ... Why God is Silent ... Eugene Alper
7 November ... Picture Post No. 18
14 November ...


docmartincohen said...

Great stuff! Yes, don't let's change the schedules once they've been enttered in the posts lists. In particular, Tessa is looking forward to seeing the doggie picture published soon!

Perig Gouanvic said...

Thanks Thomas, that's a timely initiative!

Thomas O. Scarborough said...

Thank you, I have entered a line in the menu: About PI > Editorial Schedule. As articles actually appear, it will be easy to move lines from here (cut and paste) to the Category Menus.

docmartincohen said...

Mmm... we better come up with something for the 22nd soon, hadn't we?


How about having a ''Top picture post' section on the left - that is when we have enough to make any comparisons...

docmartincohen said...
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docmartincohen said...

I'm messin' up the page! But now I've got some suggestions for the next few posts:

Maybe Thomas on Death should be our topic for the 29th?

I'm not keen on the Economics posts - until they've been seperated! I don't mean big changes, just make it possible to read the first post on its own. Certainly when the second post is published, a link can go back to the first, and at that point too, a link can be added to the first to the second... if you see what I mean! But I think the posts shold be short, and fully modular. Break this element of ther posting process and we take away part of our identtity.

Obama was cruelly set aside, so I'd like to welcome him back asap, which is July 13th - quite a good date in a sense with all the Independence celebrations around then.

Thomas O. Scarborough said...

I hope the updated Editorial Schedule is not premature ... So we now have lined up: Death, followed by War, with our complete insignificance sandwiched in between. No one will accuse PI of being frivolous.

I'll review the economics posts with the above comments in mind, given a week or two I think.

docmartincohen said...

I scheduled the three posts above, as per discusssions. Nxt we need a post from a Perig or a Scarboro - not to forget Youngjin's cartoons? Muneebs post can go in when we like - but it is also handy to keep for 'gaps' August is silly season too - so let me know if one of my posts seems suitable!

docmartincohen said...

That all looks good, thanks Thomas and co. Look forward to seeing the posts go up in due course!

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