Monday 6 July 2015

Picture Post No. 2: The Blue Dot

'Because things don’t appear to be the known thing; they aren’t that what they seemed to be neither will they become what they might appear to become.'

Posted by Martin Cohen

Image courtesy of NASA
There's a famous image, taken by the Apollo 17 astronauts, of the Earth as a swirling, 'blue marble' hovering over the desolate, grey soil of the Moon. The image is reputed to have created a new consciousness of humankind's fragility and transience - and inspired a new determination to look after our planet... Well, that didn't last long!

When I first saw the 'Blue Marble', to be honest, it didn't have any kind of effect on me. After all, I was familiar with the idea of planets in space, from numerous paintings and drawings - but this image just accidentally caught the Earth in the background.

Somehow, this time, I caught a hint of who those first space images might have changed perceptions back on Earth.

October 25th 2015 

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