How to propose a draft to editors or to selected people (also useful to create your user page)

Open the Resources menu in the sidebar

Log in

Select the Posts menu

Click New post

To propose a draft privately to editors, write or copy your draft and click Save (not Publish)

The editors will get back to you.

To publish your draft so that only people who have its link can find it, add the 'hidden' label

In this case, you can (and should) click Publish.

You can now share the article you're working on with people you choose. It will not be visible through search engines, it will not appear on the home page of PI. Your guests will be able to comment your drafts, whether they are registered on PI (or Blogspot) or not, all they need is one of those services to identify themselves:


To write your user page, follow the same instructions and an editor will add you to the list of authors and link to the page you have created.

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