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Two co-ordinator/supervisoring editors manage the site.

* Martin Cohen (Philosophy, Social Science and Environmental issues.)

Current interests

Negative numbers and other mathematical 'mysteries'

The philosophy of jokes and why humour may give an insight into the soul

The Philosophy of Food

The links between astrology and philosophy!
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* Founder editor, Perig Gouanvic (Citizen Science; Biochemistry, Clinical nutrition, Frontier Science) currently on hiatus, adds: 'One of the most satisfying aspects of investigations of a philosophical nature is the discovery of simple facts and key ideas that help to suddenly see the whole picture; these facts are frequently brushed under the carpet as "anomalies" that will be understood one day (while in fact they are incommensurable with the current habits of  thinking); these key ideas are generally viewed as useless and void by those who perceive intellectual life as a continuous accumulation of mental wealth (while in fact these key ideas are dangerously destructive).'


Mark Shulgasser said...

Hi guys -- How goes the transition? I had a litt;e odea but you might not be ready for it yet. That is to contribute a brief entry for each and every philosopher on his birthday, regarding his sun-sign typology. With an anecdotal dictionary approach rather than the essayistic I was doing previously. It would break the chore down for me, and you might somehow sequester it from the site's more serious material, it could be like a tongue-in-cheek humor supplement to the site that might draw regular visitors. It would be nice to begin on March 21 which is 0 degrees Aries and the birthday of Slavoj Zizek!

docmartincohen said...

Hi Mark,

I think that's a great idea! Just right for the site! Let me try and send you an invite email - so you have proper editing access. Perig knows how to do this, so it 'will be possible', but I'm struggling to find my way around the system here.

Perig Gouanvic said...

I just noticed your message, Mark. I think it's great.

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