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ScottF said...
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Science on Trial said...

Shoreman said...

Philosophical Investigations on You Tube avatarred by Rodins Thinker is my go to climate realism resource and coming here by way of my purchase of Paradigm Shift and stumbling on Drieu Gotefridi ( my heart leaps up. Is Mr. Cohen involved with Philosophical Investigations? I was unable to source the blog. At any rate Paradigm Shift is a delight for clarity and readability. I am fighting the imposition of wind turbines into Lake Erie by exposing the Big Lie while my colleagues in resentment target the myriad infrastructural insults which proponents cloak with the honey of civic piety and jobs. Specifically is my endorsement of Svensmark and Shaviv as a science knockout blow for CO2 to complement the epistemological assault. I understand from a Gregory Whitestone interview that the CO2 Alliance is coalescing as a white hat climate realism antagonist.

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