Sunday, 24 July 2016

Doublethink 23 - Silence is Offensive


  1. This seems to depict the brave new world of social media well!

  2. Those ‘clouds of speech’ are better than the absence (especially denial) of speech. Intrinsically—such as a product of the fundamental human right of free speech—information is good. It’s essential for prosperity: intellectual, creative, and value-based, of course, not just of capital. And essential for liberalism—in its broadest philosophical sense. Despite the risks of their misuse, such as for propaganda, unfettered ‘clouds of speech’ are better than their absence. Even in the presence, at times, of distractions that might abound. Clouds of speech are every bit the strength of democracy as they are the bane of authoritarianism. But with all that chatter comes personal responsibility, which takes time: prudent wariness about sources and information content. And, by extension, the need to vet—at least, when and where it matters—to cut through the ‘clutter’, and where selectivity is crucial in avoiding information overload. One last point, if I may: the ‘fundamental human right of free speech’ includes, yes, the ‘right to choose silence’.

    1. I do wonder to what extent the medium is the message. The issue came up when we shifted Pi to a new host just over a year ago. It became clear that the medium was doing a lot of shaping. Moreso, I think, with other media such as Facebook.

  3. So much to think about here. An enjoyable cartoon.