Emile Wolfaardt

My background is in leadership, theology, counseling, business and life coaching. Yet I still find myself intrigued by the rationale behind the ‘what,’ ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of the warp and woof of human existence. I am fascinated by man’s intrinsic pursuit of meaning, his coming to practical terms with the incredible power and potential that lies within him and his joys and pains in his essential relationships. With two Licentiates in Theology, pre-doctoral studies and decades of working in the human space, I have had the thrill of serving on national chairs in the counselling space, speaking to groups large and small, life couched dozens of people, counselled countless couples, and done leadership training in many different contexts. My training manuals are used in businesses, and published in their manuals. I have published hundreds of articles on the internet that I enjoy responses from by way of email and other platforms.

Yet my heart still beats a little faster when I enter that sacred place of trust where honesty is easy and reality is messy, and where we take the masks off, trusting the gift of pre-acceptance that is offered, and leap wholeheartedly, albeit sensitively, into the rich depths of truth and the tapestry of life.

I believe there is within each one of us a common and life defining drive for success that manifests when we show up as our better selves. Whether you call it God, the Divine, the Higher Self, Karma or anything else - it is the essence of the higher calling in each one of us, no matter what our religious or political affiliation is. It may be suppressed under many layers of pain, distortion and confusion, but it is always there when our better selves show up, when we raise our hands for good or our voices for others, and when we give of ourselves and our possessions for the betterment of those around us. It is divinely supernatural and powerfully creative. It is the essence of love – because it’s source is love. While often marred by confusion and selfishness of need, if you look carefully enough you will see that it is that higher self that drives us to succeed, empowers our ego and expresses itself in our desire to control our world.

No matter what terminology you use, or name tags you put on it, the inner journey is essential for each one of us to take if we are to find true happiness and fulfilment in life – or the richest rewards we were created for.

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