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Complete List of Doublethink Cartoons

[Index]_[Place Published]_[Stack number]_[Episode number]_[Title]_[Keywords]

1___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Far or Near”___practical distance, relative distance, conditional remoteness, warped space, abstract pathways, accessibility
2___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Moment of Contact”___endpoints, fuzzy collision, overlapping volumes, standard overlap, intersection
3___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Direction of a Balance”___ratio of dimensions, polar coordinates, direction in spacetime, Cartesian view of angles
4___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Multiple Dimensions of Time”___virtual time, parallel times, time space, direction in time, pause, play
5___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Structural Orders”___directionless object, order of composition, numbered particles, head and tail
6___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Structural Orders 2”___front and back, chicken or egg, fusion reaction, velocity-dependent
7___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Structural Orders 3”___backbone of an object, blueprint, nodal skeleton, graph representation
8___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Structural Orders 4”___unwrapped backbones, sequence of ordered particles, fabric of numbers, wrapping
9___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Rational Comparison”___scalar difference, sum of differences, scalar features of an object, comparable classes
10___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Rational Comparison 2”___n-dimensional point, hyperspace, hyper-dot, Euclidean distance, weighted variables
11___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Boundaries of Fluid”___statistical borderline, generalized volumes, solid, liquid, gas, rigid bodies, fluid collisions
12___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Flexibility”___maximum distance, minimum distance, max and min angles, allowed changes
13___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Flexibility 2”___conceptual connections, chemical bonding, flexible bonds, violation of criteria
14___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Flexibility 3”___nodal relationships, graphical definition of states, rigid structures, fixed shapes
15___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Continuous and Discrete”___continuous dimension, discrete dimension, smallest unit, discrete time, ticks
16___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Infinite and Finite”___periodicity, circularity, ouroboros, cycle of time, circulation, infinite space
17___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Infinite and Finite 2”___mixed dimensions, partial infinity, time spiral, polar time coordinates
18___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Variable and Constant”___number of possible values, variability, single-valued, axis of a constant, pointer, union of numbers
19___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Following the Shoreline”___convex, concave, concavity, gap, hill, trough, curvature limit, tracing line
20___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Following the Shoreline 2”___barrier thickness, obstacles, object boundary, morphological analysis
21___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Heading toward the Ideal”___current position, ideal position, ideal state, intention, desire, material ethics, gravity
22___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Heading toward the Ideal 2”___ideal motion, optimal directions, behavioral optimization, measure of perfection
23___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Heading toward the Ideal 3”___multiple ideals, final destination, goals, average position, enclosed spots, ideal path
24___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Composite Dimensions”___dimension inside another dimension, partial dimensions, 2-D line, subspace
25___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Composite Dimensions 2”___composite spaces, one-dimensional pathways, road, railroad, separation of dimensions
26___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Composite Dimensions 3”___building blocks of a dimension, connected spaces, mutually dependent coordinates
27___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Halo of Footsteps”___beforeimage, afterimage, visual traces, optical remnants, preview, postview, review
28___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) How Much Space Does Time Occupy?”___rewinding halfways, time&space synchronicity, spatial range of time, absolute integral
29___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) How Much Space Does Time Occupy? 2”___time space, two-dimensional time, eternity, endlessness, timelessness
30___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Ultimate Structure of Data”___parallel dimensions, name of a number, symbols, ASCII codes, numerology
31___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Ultimate Structure of Data 2”___vector-to-set conversion, matrix-to-set conversion, topological coordinates
32___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Ultimate Structure of Data 3”___hierarchy of symbols, semiology, symbolic references, reference variables
33___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Continuous Graph”___coordinate nodes, functional graphs, continuous node, plane of branches
34___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) What is Unit?”___algebraic relationships, interdimensional numbers, complex units, arithmetic models
35___(none)___0___0___”(Korean) Geometry of Texture”___parallel lines, texture direction, infinitessimal gaps, direction field
36___The Philosopher___1___1___”The Speed of Time”___speed of time, duration, ratio, relativity, proportion, time frame
37___The Philosopher___1___2___”The Size of Numbers”___numerical representation of dimensions, number line, unit, codification
38___The Philosopher___1___3___”String Theory”___unification of dimensions, unwrap, synthesis, multidimension, parallel, single value
39___The Philosopher___1___4___”Going Back in Time”___time reversal, turn back time, backward time, negative time, rewind
40___The Philosopher___1___5___”Going Back in Time 2”___reversibility, pseudo-reversal of time, complexity, anti-event, memory of the future
41___The Philosopher___1___6___”The Uses of Words”___use, usage, interface, user, tool, target, control, chain reaction
42___The Philosopher___1___7___”Parallel Universes”___phase in space, positional offset, location's resolution, parallel universe, common multiplier
43___The Philosopher___1___8___”Seeking Directions”___up and down, front of the universe, edge of the universe, inside out, absolute directions
44___The Philosopher___1___9___”Dotty Directions”___direction of a dot, imaginary point, geometry of directions, infinitesimal
45___The Philosopher___1___10___”Inside and Outside”___borderline, inside and outside, flux, spatial interpolation, container
46___The Philosopher___1___11___”Sticky Glue Balls”___enclosure, surround, psychological prison, behavioral boundary, closed
47___The Philosopher___1___12___”Output the Input 1”___function, scalar, vector, matrix, multidimensional arrays, list of lists, multiple entities
48___The Philosopher___1___13___”Output the Input 2”___graphs in matrix format, connections, grids, pattern numbers, graph function
49___The Philosopher___1___14___”Faster than Light”___faster than the speed of light, speed limit, trick, speed of information, data transmission, messages
50___(none)___0___0___”The Density of Existence”___density of existence, infinite speed, discrete motion, partial existence
51___(none)___0___0___”The Density of Existence 2”___ratio of existence, position shift, unequal distribution, transparency, step functions
52___The Philosopher___2___1___”Elementary Matters”___prime numbers, elements, compounds, arithmetical chemistry, chemical reactions, products
53___(none)___0___0___”Three States of Numbers”___three states of matters, identity of numbers, solid, liquid, gas, gaseous, number's shape
54___The Philosopher___1___15___”The Alchemy of Mind”___lead into gold, alchemy, augmented reality, virtual reality, separation, stage, actors
55___(none)___0___0___”The Complexity of the Maze”___complexity of a maze, fake end, simple path, convergence, divergence, non-mazes, difficulty
56___The Philosopher___1___16___”Ends and Means”___motive, motivation, vectors, stimuli, stimulus, muscles, spectrum of behaviors, sensitivity
57___The Philosopher___2___2___”Fate”___fate, destination, determination, constriction, certainty, must-happen, predetermined, destined
58___The Philosopher___2___3___”Information Particles”___information particles, record decay, accumulated signals, position of information
59___(none)___0___0___”Pathways”___path field, scalar field, direction field, gradient, contour lines, lanes, trajectory
60___(none)___0___0___”Abstract Addition”___abstract addition, adding things together, molecules, chemical reactions, linear arrangement
61___The Philosopher___2___4___”Measuring Geometry”___geometry without notations, implicit geometry, discrete lengths and angles, vertices, graphs, nodes, quanta of space
62___(none)___0___0___”Distant Responses”___relationship, distance response, functional motion, interactions between objects, simultaneous effect
63___(none)___0___0___”Body of the Ghost”___ghost, experimental analysis, discrete units within a fuzzy blob, delay time, connection, rigidity
64___The Philosopher___2___5___”Thinking or Seeing?”___position of imagination, wonderland, dream, phantom, storage of illusion, origin of thoughts, projection
65___(none)___0___0___”Speed of the Spell”___magic spell, speed of a spell, experimental fantasy, analysis of the invisible, rational magic
66___(none)___0___0___”Measuring the Difficulty”___objective difficulty, maze race, invisible robots, bias in evaluating difficulty levels, practical differences
67___(none)___0___0___”Text Codes”___meaning of text, derivative of a sentence, differential literature, literary calculus, meaning between characters
68___(none)___0___0___”Graph as a Single Number”___numerical representation of graphs, graph code, main part, side part
69___(none)___0___0___”Graph as a Single Number 2”___numerical junctions, from graph to tree, numerical codification, separation
70___(none)___0___0___”Graph as a Single Number 3”___numerical patterns, shape of a number, graph, structure, weaving, intertwined, unwrapped, fabric
71___(none)___0___0___”Numerical Sculpture”___sorted list, sorting algorithms, bilinear sort, seed for a map, downsampling, data mining
72___(none)___0___0___”Discrete Movements”___velocity in discrete space, discrete object, discrete behavior, grid patterns, abstract motion
73___The Philosopher___2___6___”Time-dependent Logic”___"then" logic, "then" operator, time-bound statements, order of events, orderwise, spring
74___(none)___0___0___”Universal Pictorial Language”___unipix, unipics, universal pictorial language, universal pictograms, windings, arrow signs
75___(none)___0___0___”Universal Pictorial Language 2”___semiotics, semiosis, symbolic language, symbology, discrete spacetime, chemistry of symbols
76___(none)___0___0___”Universal Pictorial Language 3”___spacetime table, schedule, time table, relativity, position particle, timeless
77___(none)___0___0___”Universal Pictorial Language 4”___energy exchange, catalysts, arrangement, influence, effects, remote control, causality, positional dependence
78___The Philosopher___2___7___”Synchronicity”___synchronicity, positional frame, object frame, dot frame, point frame, line frame, plane frame, planar frame, quantum entanglement
79___The Philosopher___2___8___”Synchronicity 2”___axis, axes, multiplicity, simultaneity, composite frames, mechanical parts, gears, conveyor belts, wheels
80___(none)___0___0___”Infinite Time Loop”___backward, rewind, time travel, determination, random factors, initial condition, probability field
81___The Philosopher___2___9___”Locating Ideas”___position of an idea, idea of an object, idea particle, abstract location, metanumber
82___The Philosopher___2___10___”Passing through Gates”___change tolerance, maximum change, minimum change, entrance, exit, black box constraints, size regulation
83___The Philosopher___2___11___”Mixing Things Together”___mix, mixture, ANOVA, analysis of variance, statistically identical, mixed, tree of locus
84___(none)___0___0___”Ensemble of Clicks”___web interface, components, input and output, blocks of interface, impulse and step signals, order of input, capacity
85___(none)___0___0___”Ensemble of Clicks 2”___relationships in interface, supercomponent, arrow graph, attention field, eye movements
86___The Philosopher___2___12___”Many Pasts”___changing past, present, future, indeterminacy, indeterminate, indefinite, uncertainty, many worlds
87___(none)___0___0___”Paradox-Free Time Machine”___time paradox, time travel, ancestral line, causality, paradox-free zone, tracing the spacetime, complete isolation
88___(none)___0___0___”Time-Warping Chemicals”___time particles, time warps in chemical reactions, time distortions, spacetime chemistry, volume of time
89___(none)___0___0___”River on the Chessboard”___fluid in discrete space, discrete gas, discrete liquid, mass distribution, discrete volume, discrete density
90___(none)___0___0___”River on the Chessboard 2”___discrete materials, discrete physics, simulated chemical processes, chessboard physics, least common multiplier
91___The Philosopher___2___13___”Rush-hour Science”___one-way distance, unilateral distance, relative distance, warped space, hindrance, efficiency of a path
92___The Philosopher___2___14___”Determining the Price”___price, consumer products, consumer goods, usefulness, utility, scarcity, originality, popularity, abundance
93___(none)___0___0___”One-Dimensional Ecosystem”___ecosystem, biome, biosphere, prey, predator, predation, biological niche, species
94___(none)___0___0___”Price of Labor”___labor, behavioral value, invisible capital, social capital, cost of work, utility
95___(none)___0___0___”Phenomena”___phen, phenomenon, analysis of motion, threshold, between phenomena, division
96___(none)___0___0___”Everyday Teleportation”___creation, destruction, generation, deletion, eraser, spawn, respawn, teleport, dispenser
97___(none)___0___0___”Indirect Works”___indirect work, measure of influence, causal work, psychological force, indirectness
98___(none)___0___0___”Lego Blocks”___connectivity, join, conjunction, junction, grasp, connectable, tip, socket, stick, correlation, match filter
99___(none)___0___0___”Rise and Down”___event duration, beginning, end, aftermath, consequence, causality, kick
100___The Philosopher___2___15___”Financial Gravity”___price field, mechanical economics, potential money, net capital, gradient of the capital, profit, consumer, supplier
101___The Philosopher___2___16___”Shapes and Identities”___morphological evaluation, class code, identification, superclass, subclass, shape number
102___(none)___0___0___”Vague Boundaries”___volume, subjectivity, uncertain borderlines, spatial relativity, observer-dependent
103___(none)___0___0___”Virtual Matters”___holographic image, hologram, holographic universe, augmented reality, real vs fake, virtual reality
104___(none)___0___0___”Wave of Production”___sinusoid, sinusoidal waves, factory, current of production, consumer goods, resonance, industrial systems
105___(none)___0___0___”Uniqueness”___unique, creative, innovation, unexpected, expectation, statistically unique
106___(none)___0___0___”Uniqueness 2”___probability of occurrence, likelihood, landmark, unique place, homeland
107___(none)___0___0___”Diversity and Freedom”___ majority, minority, diversification, degrees of freedom, diverse, free, internally dependent
108___(none)___0___0___”Connectivity and Conformity”___compatibility, connectable, disk, sockets, puzzle pieces, junction, joint, conformed, connected
109___(none)___0___0___”Another Face of a Number”___range of a variable, range operations, standard range, bias, resolution, segments
110___(none)___0___0___”Another Face of a Number 2”___value&range duality, random variables, telekinesis, range relationships
111___(none)___0___0___”Another Face of a Number 3”___dependency of ranges, symmetry, asymmetry, positive volume, negative volume, range of difference
112___(none)___0___0___”Range Theory”___modes of range, object range, reachable places, possible locations, one-way roads, one-sided, unilateral
113___(none)___0___0___”Range Theory 2”___nonconservative gates, conservative gates, influence, help of others, overall range, range sum, union, superposition
114___(none)___0___0___”Range Theory 3”___remote control, cause-and-effect relationships, direct effect, indirect effect, measure of influence
115___(none)___0___0___”Range Theory 4”___motor, sensor, range of effect, hypothetical particles, remote force, sensory system, mechanical metaphysics
116___(none)___0___0___”Range Theory 5”___channels of effect, channeling, spectrum of senses, qualia, taxonomy of forces, conceptual physics
117___(none)___0___0___”Range Theory 6”___generalization, practical assumptions, sensor&motor collision, particles of effect
118___(none)___0___0___”Range Theory 7”___time-bound ranges, ephemeral, determinacy, alternative definition of position, certainty, uncertainty
119___(none)___0___0___”Arrow Dynamics”___pointing out, pointing in, arrows, pointing halfways, spirals, complex directions, alternative set representation
120___(none)___0___0___”Computational Psychology”___norm, mean of stimuli, sequence of stimuli, memory, weighting function, abandoned memories, old memories
121___(none)___0___0___”Computational Psychology 2”___raw stimulus, sensory organs, memory computation, unfamiliarity, recognizability, parallel memories
122___(none)___0___0___”Psychological Force Fields”___psychological force, mental force, brainwaves, emotional force, libido, mechanical psychology, Freudian mechanics
123___(none)___0___0___”Mobile Values”___antique furniture, antiquity, changing price, real estate, historical sites, feng shui, spatial values, structural energy
124___(none)___0___0___”The Pattern Language”___pattern, repetition, transitional, angular, self-repeating, self-replicating, replica, least common multiplier
125___(none)___0___0___”The Pattern Language 2”___two-dimensional patterns, grid, foreground, background, error, deviation, parallel universes
126___(none)___0___0___”Living Desires”___biological instincts, lust, libido, expectation, preparation, fear, awareness, bewareness, ownership
127___(none)___0___0___”Probabilistic Time”___probability, entropy, statistical time, chronos, randomness, phenomenal, relativity
128___(none)___0___0___”Spectrum of the Conscious”___caffeine, alcohol, drugs, psychedelic, altered states of consciousness, spectrum, hypnosis
129___(none)___0___0___”The Nature of Classification”___symbols, features, identification, sorting, pattern classification, list processing, MSB, LSB
130___(none)___0___0___”The Nature of Classification 2”___trees, metaphors, metaphorical connections, mind map, significance
131___(none)___0___0___”Aura and Quantization”___aura, aural, psyonic, spirit, ghost, soul, od, telekinesis, meme, infection, parasites, encoder, decoder
132___(none)___0___0___”Algorithm and Shape”___methodology, assignment, transition, transformation, functional problem solving, functional expression
133___(none)___0___0___”Quality of Connections”___city, urban planning, urban dynamics, facilities, administrations, road management, fuzzy geometry
134___(none)___0___0___”Groupers”___landmark, boundaries, regions, characterization, identity, distance-based sets, membership functions, spheres
135___(none)___0___0___”The Chemistry of Symbols”___subsymbol, supersymbol, synthetic symbols, birth of meaning, creation of symbols
136___(none)___0___0___”History and Prediction”___causality, record, previous steps, footsteps, trace, multiple histories, memory, akasic record
137___(none)___0___0___”The Language of Rationality”___language of philosophy, diagrams, discrete spacetime, connected symbols, entangled, counters
138___(none)___0___0___”The Engine of the Story”___scenario, storywriting, storytelling, plot, synopsis, conflicts, main characters, side characters
139___(none)___0___0___”The Ultimate Key to Security”___cryptography, security, filtering, confusion, maze, barricade, isolation, sensory deprivation
140___(none)___0___0___”The Growing Universe”___cosmic, complexity, entropy, growth, complication, divergence, classification, tree of life
141___(none)___0___0___”Hidden Actions”___hidden task, implicit performance, secret passage, assembly, concealment, unexpected usage
142___(none)___0___0___”Afterlife”___continuity, line of consciousness, conscoius mind, singularity, film of life, channel of thoughts
143___(none)___0___0___”Invisible Fortresses”___encapsulation, capsules, blockade, blockage, transparency, shells, invisible surface
144___(none)___0___0___”Building Blocks of Observation”___sensors, counters, pattern recognition, adder, discrete record, gear's memory, mechanical memory
145___(none)___0___0___”The Extended Self”___boundary, borderline, ego, psyche, distinguishing line, borderline, expansion of the conscious
146___(none)___0___0___”Great Art”___principles, disciplines, techniques, high art, low art, mass media, cliche, cheesy, originality, utility, aesthetics
147___(none)___0___0___”The Warriors of our Mind”___mental immune system, immunology, pathology, antigens, pathogens, mental disorders, mental diseases
148___(none)___0___0___”Rules of Organization”___classification, categorization, organization, labels, sampling, arrangement, identification
149___(none)___0___0___”Philosophical Questions”___philosophy, extremity, socratic, socrates, curiosity, balance, axis of meaning, ambiguity
150___(none)___0___0___”Success”___unfairness, hierarchy, egaleterianism, self help, personal development, greed, capitalism
151___(none)___0___0___”Frozen Times”___freeze, freezing, paused time, frozen perception, memory freezer, frozen thoughts, temperature
152___(none)___0___0___”The Lifelong Race”___competition, effort, endeavor, shortcut, portal, long-distance travel, light year
153___(none)___0___0___”The Bitter Grape”___aesop's fables, defense mechanism, rationalization, justification, reinterpretation
154___(none)___0___0___”Creativity”___misconceptions, false expectations, colored lenses, colored glasses, randomness, guts
155___(none)___0___0___”The Chemistry of Media”___multimedia, effective communication, education, abbreviation, compression, information theory
156___(none)___0___0___”Lost in Space”___solitude, loneliness, vertigo, lost, hitchhiker series, familiarity, unfamiliarity, ironical conditions
157___(none)___0___0___”Weight of out Thoughts”___weight of a soul, heavy thoughts, light thoughts, physics of meaning, stimulant, depressant
158___(none)___0___0___”Where Does Passion Come From?”___self-protection, time-limit, motivation, reward, moral belief, self-fulfillment
159___(none)___0___0___”Don't Panic”___general anxiety disorder, OCD, panic disorder, anxiety attack, panic attack, stimulant, depressant
160___(none)___0___0___”Lead Balloons”___antigravity, defying gravity, balloon vehicles, balloon aircraft, metal balloon, vacuum tanks
161___(none)___0___0___”Milk for Everybody”___supermilk, unimix, expiration date, decomposition, food crisis, nutrition, nutrients, bad breath
162___(none)___0___0___”The Invisible Spacesuit”___spacesuit, gaseous clothes, molecular portals, molecular wormholes, breathing in space
163___(none)___0___0___”The Air of Peace”___gaseous drug, happiness-inducing chemical, global warming, poison gas terror, gas poisoning
164___(none)___0___0___”Talk with the Nature”___animal language, plant language, interspecies, interspecific, microphone, virtual conversation
165___(none)___0___0___”The Floating Computer”___floating database, artificial island, swiming saucer, heat sink, cooling method, floating island

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